Saturday, December 26, 2009

Enter the Dragon: Chinatown, NYC

Enter the Dragon: Chinatown, NYC
Lower East Side of Manhattan

Reasons to venture:

  • Golden Unicorn serves the best dim sum this side of Beijing if you ask me, the roast pork buns are child-size pearls of joy.
  • Only in New York could you find more buddhist temples and old Jewish synagogues side-by-side than anywhere else in the world.
  • They have remodeled the Museum of the Chinese in the Americas, just in time to get ready for the dragons on parade at Chinese New Year.
Where do you go to get your dimsum on?


RunningFox said...

Your posts are an inspiration, on a number of levels. I don't know if you've experienced this, but when I tell people here in the Austin, Texas area where I'm from, I often get the question, "Wow. Do you ever REGRET leaving New York?" Normally, it's accompanied by wide eyes and an incredulous tone that reminds me of how lucky I was to live comfortably in a place that so many people literally dream about visiting.

And my standard answer has become, "No, because there are SO many things for kids to do here in Austin."

Please consider adding us to your Dadventure map (the one with the push-pins and the caked baby food on it). We'll show a good time and all the places where kids eat free!

The Dadventurer said...

Mr. Running Fox - while you know how we Yanks feel about Texas, we welcome postings from you any time. We do head south from time to time (most of my family lives below the Mason-Dixon). Please send us pics of the boys doing cool cowboy stuff and any text with links to your blog. Good luck, we all miss NYC.