Monday, February 21, 2011

A Seaworthy Break from the Cold; Sea World, Orlando, FL

It's been the winter we measured snowfall in Shaq's and you could tell by the sea of Sox caps as we deplaned in Orlando onto the runway; (where else can you still walk on the tarmac AND stay at a hotel IN the airport?)  Like every other law abiding Sox fan that couldn't afford spring training, we shacked up with the family for a week in sunny Orlando.  While we love us some good Disney, we warmed up at our family fav; Sea World.

Sydney and I hit the Journey to Atlantis flume with cuz Mikella early and paid dearly in drenched clothes.   Then the whole family, (I mean my uncle, in-laws, Kam's aunt, uncle and their two kids along with ours) headed for the show circuit.  We missed out on Pets Ahoy (no real loss here) and made it on time for Blue Horizons.  The music, the costumes, the trapeze artists, the dive bombing parrots and oh yeah, the dolphins.  It was like Cirque de Soleil on ice, except they forgot to freeze the pool.  Did I mention there were dolphins?

Last time we were here was pre-Shamu disaster.  Let's just say the show is a little different these days, and nobody is riding on top of a killer whale.  It was a little bit of a let down, 'cause watching trainers do flips off the nose of a humongous whale was pretty cool.  So we got our kicks on the rides at Shamu's Happy Harbor instead.  Plus, we never miss a chance at a good carousel and this one featured fish of the deep.  While we didn't hang with too many mammals this time (we missed the manatees, sea otters and seals) and the beer garden has gone the way of Anheuser Busch ownership, we still had a blast!