Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sydneiana Jones and the Pit of Sponge: Planet Gymnastics, Natick, MA

Sydney is a crazy man. This kid loves to dive head-first into a pile of sponge. He will hurl himself down a mountain without an ounce of fear in his thoughts. Perhaps it is the great work that they have done with him at our local gymnastics outlet. He has great teachers, they're safe facilities and he even gets to go with his classmates from Tobin School on the days he doesn't go to school.

Planet Gymnastics is da' bomb. But, we were going to have his birthday party at Playtown Express simply because he tears it up there, (they were sold-out till Liji's bday in March.) Boston Sports Club was also a great place to party for Ronen's 4th. But I'm so glad we picked his homebase for fun . Instead of his weekly tumbles, balance beam and trampolines, Sydney got treated like a king. While I was languishing in bed with a 102 temp and praying to the porcelin gods, Sydney "the birthday kid" was the only one flying through the air like Mary Martin in Peter Pan.

He was so princely, he even got his own throne. Sure, like any great kid he shared it with his little bro, (and even the crazy Ben and Jerry's underwater theme ice cream cake - clearly learned that from me.) It was a blast, or so it appeared as I sat through the footage, cursing into my piece of left over cake, two days later when I was finally well enough to sit at the table and behave.