Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guest Blogger: Nina Lewis: A Bangkok Adventure with "Catch Nina"

Guest Blogger: Nina Lewis
A Bangkok Adventure with "Catch Nina"
Bangkok, Thailand

I was in Thailand in '97, but now my sister-in-law is an ex-pat there teaching kids and running a non-profit. She showed my wife a few dadventure hot-spots this summer...

Reasons to venture:

  • The Chao Praya River Tourist Boat: For 3 dollars, you get an all-day, hop-on/hop-off pass for this boat that plies up and down the biggest river in Bangkok. Your kids will love sitting on the edge and checking out all things time from the boat. Then, hop-off, do some sightseeing, and get back on!

  • Muang Boran (The Ancient City): Just outside Bangkok in Samut Prakan, is a mini-Thailand park. You can rent bicycles or golf carts and tour through all of Thailand's major sites in just a few hours. The park is shaped like Thailand and all attractions are geographically correct, but to scale. Don't miss the deer running through the Northeast section.

  • A big market: Chatuchak market is open-air, while MBK is in an air-con building, which might be more comfortable on a hot day. You will be amazed by the endless rows of junk, and for 5 or 6 dollars, your child can buy an assortment of toys, dvds, junk food, etc. There is an excellent thai food court on level 5 and the fruit juices and smoothies are amazing.

What's your favorite kid-friendly developing nation?


Anonymous said...

Ok. I am clearly trying out the wrong Dadventures!